Video Conferencing Equipment

Video conferencing has to be easy. You need a clear picture, crisp sound and equipment that’s simple to use. Our award-winning products and technology will make you feel as though you really are face-to-face with your colleagues, patients or clients.
 Follow our guide to the state-of-the-art equipment we have available below, and learn how you can use each product to improve your business communications.

This system features a Sony Telehealth Camera (STC) mounted on the ceiling above a patient’s bed to allow specialists to remotely conduct medical consultations and provide advice in emergency situations.

These 10″ or 17″ video conferencing screens on wheels allow you to explore and interact with any distant location.

If you want to conduct video conferencing in a large boardroom, auditorium or multi-disciplinary health facility, then the 700 series is for you. This package caters for multiple inputs and display outputs and has plenty of processing power.

Designed for most boardrooms and other medium-sized rooms where up to 12 people can participate in a video conference. The device can support up to two displays and two microphones without requiring any additional hardware.

Ideal for small rooms where up to six people can participate in a video conference using a single monitor and microphone. This affordable equipment’s compact, sleek design allows for easy storage to help keep your room or workspace clutter-free.

Suitable for one-on-one video conferencing at your desk or in a small room where up to three people are involved. The table top stand and optional wall mount will ensure everyone is seen and heard clearly.

This 24″ desktop computer screen is compatible with PCs and Macs. At the click of a button it will switch into video conferencing mode, allowing you to transform your office into a virtual meeting room and connect with up to four other people.