Vivid is proud to support our customers directly with a team of experienced, certified engineers and customer service professionals providing technical back-up whenever necessary. On this page we explain what services we provide so you can choose what level of support best suits you. All our maintenance packages and options are flexible.

Video Assist & 0800 Telephone Support

If you need assistance connecting with other video conference participants, you can dial our online video help desk. Our support team is available 7:30am – 6pm (or by prior-arrangement if you have a big event on). They will establish the connections for you with minimal disruptions so you’re not left stranded with a room full of waiting people.

Our team is also available via 0800 telephone support line. The person who answers your call is the person who can help and they are based right here in New Zealand. You won’t have to log a job and wait for someone else to get back in touch to fix it.


Training & Development

We know the main issue, especially when new to our products, is ensuring you and your team can use our video conferencing technology with confidence. We provide thorough training for all staff who will be engaging with our technology and equipment.

Once installation is complete, our engineer will personally train one main staff member on site. Group training sessions are then held via video conferencing for up to 15 people at a time. 

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Design Service

For video conferencing to work effectively, you need to run your system on an efficient network. Otherwise you may encounter preventable performance issues which can create a negative experience for people using the technology.

Vivid can help you get it right from the outset by using over 10 years of networking experience to assist with choosing the appropriate network configuration on which to base your video conferencing system. You might require a cloud-based service, a hosted service, or a blend of both.

We take into account network issues (such as the type of connections you already have, what other services are running, security and encryption), as well as your current facilities (including lighting and acoustics), plus any extra devices you might need to use during video conferences such as digital microscopes or examination cameras.


Project Management & Implementation

Once you have confirmed your network design and what equipment you wish to purchase, Vivid Solutions take care of all the details including shipping and installation.

A personal project manager will be assigned to implement the video conferencing solution for you. Adoption and change management is an area we excel in, and we offer a flexible, phased deployment to help your organisation embrace the new technology as quickly and easily as possible. Once installed, you will be asked to test all functions are working correctly before we hand it over to you. Training and on-going support plans are then arranged.


Managed Services

We are proud to be the only video conferencing company in New Zealand offering fully managed services for our products, providing an easy, single point of contact for all your needs.

Let us look after your video conferencing system as well as your audio visual gear and facilities for a fixed monthly fee. Expert help will always be on hand, allowing your IT team to concentrate on other areas of your business.

If your video conferencing unit breaks down, we’ll supply loan equipment to restore your service while our engineers fix the fault. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll always be able to gain entry to our private, enclosed and secure network.

There are different levels of maintenance services you can subscribe to (preventative, silver, gold or premium), and we can supply, maintain and remotely manage all the equipment you need.

Our services include on-going staff training; access to our Video Assist help desk and 0800 helpline; monthly call reporting (which will provide valuable data to gauge return on investment and improve your use of video conferencing); and regular advice to help you innovate and gain greater benefits from using this technology.


Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance

Your video conferencing equipment will be connected on Vivid’s privately-owned, secure network. This enables us to manage all video end-points and infrastructure from a central location and keep everything running smoothly. Our support team can monitor sessions, alerts, and assess the quality of your video conferencing call so we can fix any problems before you even realise they have occurred.

Connectivity Gateway Services

Gain entry into our private, enclosed and secure network from wherever you are. We are able to connect you to a video conferencing session over the public internet, over ISDN (telephone) or from another network altogether. Signing up to our gateway services will ensure you can always access our sessions or infrastructure regardless of your location.


Unlimited Multipoint Conferencing

Our multipoint conferencing service allows you to connect with as many people as you like, as often as you wish. There are no limitations or extra charges imposed on our subscribed users. With unlimited access to virtual meeting rooms and no cap on the number of video conferencing participants, you can focus on your core business without worrying about incurring any extra fees.

Recording and Streaming Services

Record and archive your video conferences for playback at a later date, or watch a live stream of a conference as it unfolds. We can install the recording and streaming software for you, granting you access to past and present video conferences via our server and web portal. Playback is possible on a wide variety of devices including tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and standard-based video endpoints. This valuable service will enable you to record and share important information such as training sessions, lectures or project management meetings – improving communication, knowledge and efficiency across your organisation.